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Eldorado Gearbox Covers (Speedo Drive Location on the Right as viewed from the Rear of the Gearbox) Very Good Condition or better Part no. 1420 0800 or 1420 0810 #s on inside of cover. Oddly, the numbers in the parts book for these are 1320 0860 and 1320 0861


Any close ratio straight cut gearboxes: whole, parts, working or not. LM I, LM IV, 1100 Sport

Original 7:37 ratio rear drives or gears. Very good condition only. Early sidecar gears.

Factory tools, very good condition, for any model.

Used rear drives or gearboxes, any big twin model

NOS inventories or parts

Rare parts and period accessories

Email me at guzzi47@optonline.net or call 631-725-3314