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Eldo Police Custom
1974 950cc Eldorado Special

    I started this bike early this year (2008), but due to the enormous volume of business that Zydeco Racing has experienced, it is still not finished. I won't have time to do a blog type record of the build, but will try to put up some of the more interesting photos and some brief explanations of the construction of this bike.

    If it does not seem clear exactly what I am building from the photos, that is because I haven't decided entirely what the finished bike will look like. Since I do sell Moto Guzzi parts as part of Zydeco Racing, I have collected a lot of different options, some of which will become part of another project or will be sold.

Basic Specs:

   88 x 78 mm Bore and Stroke

   41 x 36 Valves-Blended five angle

   620 x 10 Megacycle Cam

   Alternator Conversion

   Dyna Ignition

   NOS CX 100 Oil Filter Engine Cases

   36 mm Dellortos

   NOS Gilardoni Piston/Cylinder Kits 88 mm

   Stock Lightened 8 Spring Clutch-2mm plates and hub

   Dual Point Distributor- 311A with LM I Ignition Curve

   Mike Rich flowed heads and custom manifolds

   Dual Disc Police Forks

   Standard Eldorado Five Speed Gearbox

   850 T Rear Wheel, Twin Leading Shoe Brake, Cush Drive

   Rear Drive Housing and Gears-Undecided