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======= ZYDECO =============RACING=====>>>>>>>>>>>>
$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FOR SALE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  Coming Soon: Highly polished Ambassador
housing with NEW 7:33 gears for much
improved acceleration for your Ambassador
or V7 Sport. Great on V700s and Eldorados too.


7:37 Rear Drive
     Early V700 Rear Drive with "New", Ultra Rare 7:37 Sidecar Gearing
Set up for drum brake swing arm. Crown and pinion are New. This 7:37 gear set has not been available for over thirty years.
  A must for sidecar applications and also hot rodded V7 Sports with lightweight pistons and con rods that are capable of high RPMs.
All parts used are excellent or as new. All shimming done with Raceco set up tooling to factory specs. Highly polished alloy housing.
                                                                     $975.00  Sold
See PHOTO ALBUM 4 page for additional photos.  



   This is a very low miles, standard five speed with helical gears. It was simply too nice to break for
 parts, so I rebuilt it. It has all new seals, "O" rings, gaskets and full precision shim job. The casting
seams were ground off the clutch arm and then it was highly polished. The mainshaft has been
pressed together with green loctite. The layshaft output and clutch input bearings have been
replaced with metal cage bearings (it had nylon cage bearings) and the layshaft bearing in the
housing is the stongest version of this bearing Guzzi ever used, utilizing a solid brass body. It has a
magnetic drain plug and the fill plug is NOS. The engagement dogs on all the gears and collars are
excellent. This gearbox is in "as new" condition. All it
needs is for you to fit your choice of clutch
 hubs...2 or 4 mm.

                                                          SOLD       $1,050.00   SOLD
     This is a very nice standard five speed, helical Eldorado gearbox that I just built. It has the
correct location of the speedo drive to clear the Loop Frame side covers and the extended
boss on the bottom of the endplate for the shift and/or brake linkage. I gave it a number of
updated parts to make it more reliable. It has a T3 and up layshaft, the later and stronger inner
 races for the gear bearings, an improved pre selector, updated layshaft shim and seal, updated
throw out bearing, helicoiled level and drain plugs. All the bearings are installed with green Loctite.
 All the dogs on the gears and engagement collars are in very good shape and not rounded.
You only need to add your choice of 2 or 4 mm clutch hub. 
                                                             $750.00   SOLD