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Original Police Toggle Switch Rubber Boots

Price: $15.00

      I have been looking for these forever. There are some things on a bike that I don't mind updating or changing, but the Eldorado Police Dash is not one of them. I've seen a number of replacement boots and switches for the original, but that whole dash is just so cool, I really don't want anything on it changed.

     I recently stumbled across a shop in Europe that had a small batch of these. The guy hadn't sold any in a while, but didn't want to sell me all of his. We talked for a while.....and I think I got the whole lot.  They are absolutely the correct and original grey half boot and nut used to seal the four way flasher toggle switch. They have zero wear or dry rot. They are perfect. Just like your original, they are a tight fit to the toggle so that no water can run down into the switch and destroy it, so use a small amount of dielectric grease or other lubricant to help you install the boot. This is just the nut and half rubber boot, not the whole switch.  Click on the picture for three larger pictures. The middle picture shows a switch and older, faded boot on the left. The new NOS switch is on the right.

   There is no real money in this for me, so I need your help. Send me a check made out to Charles Cole and send an envelope with your name and address on it.....maybe a stamp too. I will mail back your switch boot in your envelope. That just makes it a lot easier for me. You should probably email or call to confirm availability first. There is a limit of 2 per customer. Mail your check to...

Charles Cole 

58 Wickatuck Drive 

Sag Harbor, NY 11963



   Maybe not being able to find these didn't bug anyone but me. It drove me nuts (mine had a tear in it). Anyway, if you want one or two, send me a check and I'll get them right out to you. Charley