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Loudon FIM Races 2003

Pulled away from Dave Roper # 71 and then traded the lead back and forth with Chris Hurst(not pictured). On the last lap Chris tried an ill advised pass and we both got locked together and went off the track. Roper won the race, I got back on the track and took second, Chris plowed into a tire barrier in front of some trees. The day before I was finishing a three day AHRMA weekend in Kershaw, South Carlina. For four years running I had to do 1000 miles overnight to race Kershaw and then make it to the FIM Races in New Hampshire. AHRMA and USCRA have since changed their schedules so no more 1000 mile dash. I kind of miss it. I did win the FIM North American Heavy Weight Supervintage Championship in 2005.