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Indexed Telaio Rosso Gears

     All the gears from this set have the number 211 engraved or acid etched on them in typical Euro script. Standard street five speeds were never numbered as a set like this. To me this indicates that they were intended to be run as a set and that the extra time it took to number them was spent because they received some special treatment to optimize their running together as a set. It is more than likely that these gears were indexed. The engagement dogs or drive dogs on Moto Guzzi gears and engagement collars are all undercut. This extra attention to detail was virtually unheard of on a street bike in the '70s. Many current motorcycle transmissions are still not undercut. When gears are indexed, all the engagement dogs are machined to a very high level of precision so that all six dogs on the gears contact all six dogs on the engagement collars at precisely the same time. The undercutting helps lock a collar to the gear it is engaged with. Indexing makes sure you are in full contact with all the dogs so that an even load is delivered and the gears last longer.

     It seems unlikely that we will see this kind of hands on craftsmanship anytime in the near future.